While we may have crushes on K-pop stars, so do they! From BTS Jung Kook to TXT’s Yeonjun, we broke down all of the Korean artists who have admitted to who their own own celebrity crush is. Keep reading for a list.

It’s no secret that Jung Kook has a huge crush on the South Korean soloist IU.  He first admitted to being a fan of the 30-year-old “Celebrity” hitmaker back in 2016 during a guest appearance on SBS Entertainment’s “Flower Crew.” Since then, he’s been pretty vocal about the “LILAC” singer being his ultimate crush.

As for IU, she has expressed admiration for another fellow K-pop star, as well — however, it isn’t the Golden Maknae. Since the early days of her career, IU has spoken about her high praise for BigBang’s Taeyang — even listing him as her ideal type. By the time Taeyang heard about the soloist’s crush on him, he said she’d grow out of it.

Luckily for IU, she was able to dance with her celeb crush and even was able to kiss him on the cheek during an episode of SBS’ Heroes back in 2012 … Talk about a wish fulfillment.

Both IU and Taeyang have remained friendly over the years, and are both currently in their own happy relationships. Taeyang is married to South Korean actress Min Hyo-rin, who gave birth to their first child in 2022.

As for IU, the “Nation’s Little Sister” has been dating actor Lee Jong Suk since 2022 — which was quite the news when it was first reported.

Following their agency’s statements confirming their relationship in January 2023, both IU and Lee Jong Suk wrote heartfelt letters to their fans. IU described Lee Jong Suk as a “cute person” who has supported her throughout the years. “He was a colleague for a long time, and we are building up positive feelings while relying on each other,” she wrote.

Jung Kook and IU aren’t the only K-pop idols who’ve revealed which stars are totally their type! Scroll through our gallery to uncover all of the K-pop idols who’ve admitted to who their celebrities crushes are.

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