Now that we've cannonballed straight into summer it's time to throw on your bathing suit and head down to your pool… or, lbr, your friend's dad's pool. This also means that your favorite celebs will be 'graming their own pool selfies, with their number one summertime accessory: an adorable giant pool float. And while you may not to be able to go swimming with Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner this season, you can definitely pick up a floatable friend to keep your pool parties social media-worthy.

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From FUNBOY to #FLOATY, fresh foods to big birds, we rounded up some adorable floats that the stars absolutely adore. And while, yeah, we may not be working with a celebrity budget (and occasionally have to swim in our friend's dad's pool) they're worth the investment. Mark our words, you'll feel seriously famous if you jump on any of these fabulous floats!

Scroll down to see what floats our fave celebs have deemed Instagrammable!

1. Mmmm Donut Pool Float — $19.99

justin bieber donuts

If you'd like to get a cute pool float and still be able to afford college one day, look no further than this delicious donut. Justin Bieber not included.


2. Yummy Pizza Slice Pool Float — $28.79

ariel winter pizza

We couldn't think of a better way of showing off your pizza obsession than lounging on this pizza float ala Ariel Winter (ok, maybe eating more pizza would be a better option, but second to that)


3. Ultra Elegant Swan Pool Float — $27.49

ariana grande swan pool float

We like to think of it as classic, not basic. And clearly Ariana Grande isn't immune to the graceful allure of the swan float.


4. Hot Pink Flamingo Friend Pool Float — $29.99

shay mitchell flamingo

The flamingo pool float is a beloved pick for celebs and us normals alike—Shay Mitchell is all about this one.


5. Rose-Gold Flamingo Friend Pool Float — $70.00

bella hadid lindsey von rose gold

Maybe you're a bit too bougie to go with the standard hot pink flamingo, in which case you should make like Lindsey Vonn and Bella Hadid with this rose-gold variant.


6. Exclusive Private Jet Pool Float — $69.00

kylie jenner plane

The Kardashian-Jenner clan seems like hardcore float devotees, and we wouldn't mind raiding their pool for some inflatables. But we're particularly partial to swim and soar with that private jet float… and we can leave Kylie Jenner with the giant lips (they're more on-brand tbh)


7. Magical Rainbow Unicorn Float — $99.00

bella hadid unicorn

It's almost too hard to pick out which float is our fave at this Bella Hadid pool party, but then you think about it and obvi the unicorn is the most majestic.


8. Gilded Wings Pegasus Float — $99.00

taylor swift pegasus

If you want something a little more mythical than mystical, take a ride on this pegasus float (ideally with Taylor Swift).


9. Juicy AF Cherry Pool Float — $99.00

demi lovato cherry

If you need something to help you suntan, this cherry float will allow you to lay out like Demi Lovato.


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