The Princess Switch has quickly skyrocketed to the top of basically everyone’s favorite holiday movies list after it premiered on Netflix last week. In the fun and festive rom-com, Vanessa Hudgens stars as both Stacy, a baker from Chicago, and Margaret, a duchess from literally across the world, who look scarily alike and decide to switch places after meeting à la The Parent Trap. And as you’d expect, playing two roles in one movie could be a bit difficult.

The High School Musical star just revealed what the hardest part of playing both girls was for her, and it’s not what you’d expect! Participating in the Wrapped Up With Netflix Challenge, V admitted it was actually the accents that gave her some trouble. Although Margaret is from a fictional country called Belgravia, she sports a British accent throughout the movie.

“It was the going back in forth between the accents and [me] trying to remember if I was American or British, or British pretending to be American, or American pretending to be British,” Vanessa explained. “And then when I would change clothes it would make it even more confusing, but somehow we did it.”

We could definitely see how that could be confusing, but she totally pulled it off! And when asked how she differed from Stacy IRL, Vanessa explained that she is much more daring than her character.

“Stacy is very about having structure and not really doing anything out of her comfort zone. And I am all about doing things that are out of my comfort zone,” she continued. “I think it’s so important to constantly challenge yourself because that’s the only way to grow.”

And you most likely can already guess which scene the 29-year-old enjoyed filming the most. It was the epic snowball fight scene, of course.

“It wasn’t real snow which was great ’cause we weren’t freezing cold,” Vaness said. “But it was just so much fun to pick up this fake snow that we had, that was basically wet flakes of paper and throw them at each other.”

That was, until she got totally nailed in the face with one! “They’re heavy, so it didn’t feel good,” the actress laughed.

Well, we’re off to go watch the hilarious movie on repeat until Christmas. TTYL.

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