We’re living in a reboot culture, so it’s only fair that fans want to know if Victorious is ever coming back to TV!

The fan-favorite Nickelodeon show aired for four seasons from March 2010 until February 2013 and starred Victoria JusticeMatt Bennett, Ariana Grande, Avan Jogia, Liz Gillies, Daniella Monet, Michael Eric Reid, Leon Thomas III and more. The series followed the story of a teen named Tori Vega and how her life changed after she was invited to attend the prestigious Hollywood Arts High School. Along with her eccentric group of friends, the talented singer finds herself in all kinds of wacky situations each episode.

After news broke that Victorious was saying goodbye to the network, Victoria shared a heartfelt social media message bidding her character farewell. “The cast and I really do wish we had a proper finale, but it wasn’t [meant] to be,” the singer wrote in 2013.

Years later, she touched on the possibility of bringing Tori Vega back to life during a March 2021 interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I’m not saying that there haven’t been discussions, but I’m just saying, who knows?” Victoria gushed. “I mean, at this time, I don’t think that there are any concrete plans, [but] you never know what’s going to happen in the future.”

The “Freak the Freak Out” songstress noted that she doesn’t “want to get anyone’s hopes up,” explaining that “there’s nothing in the works.”

“We all love each other, and it was such a fun time. So who knows?” the actress added. She also touched on what she thinks her character would be up to now. “I feel like she would be like she would be like a really successful songwriter and maybe still singing too. But I’d love to see her in kind of like a Julia Michaels vibe. I would love that for her.”

Questions about the Victorious reboot come after it was announced in December 2020 that the iCarly stars would be reuniting for a new Paramount+ series. Since both shows live in the same cinematic universe — shoutout to Sam & Cat — fans would love to see them come together again. There have also been talks of Zoey 101 making a comeback recently, so why not this show too?!

And this isn’t the only time a Victorious alum got real about bringing the Hollywood Arts High School students back together again. Scroll through our gallery to read everything the former Nickelodeon stars said about a possible reboot. 

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