Get ready for a total walk down memory lane because Christa B. Allen just transported fans back into the world of 13 Going On 30. Yep, the actress took to TikTok and recreated her character, Young Jenna’s iconic 13th birthday outfit (you know the one), and we’re seriously freaking out!

“A little outfit recreation for the 13 Going On 30 lovers,” the 28-year-old captioned a TikTok video set to Madonna‘s “Crazy For You” — which fans will remember from the film.

@christaallena little outfit recreation for the 13 going on 30 lovers 🥰♬ Crazy for You – Madonna

TBH, we don’t know if what we’re more shook about — how spot on the outfit was or how it looks like Christa seriously hasn’t aged one day since 2004. That’s right, we said 2004! It may be hard to believe, but it’s been over 16 years since the movie first hit theaters and, boy, do we feel old.

For those who forgot, the fan-favorite flick was all about a teenage girl — named Jenna — who wished she would turn 30 on her 13th birthday. With the help of some magic, she was transported through time into a parallel universe where she was an adult with her dream job, but has unfortunately lost her best friend. Throughout the film, Jenna attempted to fix the mistakes she made in her past to have the future that she always wanted. Aside from Christa, Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo and Judy Greer also starred in the fan-favorite film.

But get this, you guys, Christa’s outfit recreation isn’t the only 13 Going On 30 TikTok she’s posted. She also recreated two scenes from the end of the film that took place between the 30-year-old version of her character and BFF Matty. One responded to a fan comment saying they were having “a little cry” over her throwback.

@christaallenReply to @littlegr00ver♬ original sound – christaallen

We seriously need her to get the rest of the cast onboard to duet these amazing videos.

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