Beauty vlogger Nikita Dragun has taken Charli D’Amelio‘s side following the Chase Hudson TikTok drama, and she wants him to know it. Yep, during Thomas Petrou‘s most recent vlog, the YouTube star ran after Chase around the Hype House slapping the internet star and yelling, “And that’s for f**king Charli b***h.” But don’t worry, guys, because it seemed to be all in good fun!

The entire altercation started after Chase and Nikita were filmed playing the Patty Cake game. After she seemingly messed up, the 18-year-old said, “This b***h doesn’t know how to play Patty Cake,” and Nikita was quick to respond.

“Oh, you’re going to call me a b***h?” she fired back before she started to yell at him, hit him and even throw garbage at him.

Charli’s sister, Dixie D’Amelio, happened to be at the Hype House when this all went down, and she started laughing once Nikita said she was doing it “for Charli.”

After the “fight” went down, Nikita looked into the camera and said, “It’s okay, he said he was sorry.” From the sound of it, there’s no bad blood between these two!

For those who missed it, some serious drama riddled the TikTok world on Monday, July 6. Fan started to wonder if something had gone down between exes Charli and Chase after the 16-year-old unfollowed him on Instagram. As it turned out, Charli not only unfollowed Chase, but Josh Richards‘ ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett, too. Then, in a since-deleted tweet, Chase claimed that he kissed Nessa while they were both single. Charli clapped back and pretty much everyone in both the Hype House and Sway House got involved and rallied behind her.

After Chase decided to seemingly expose all his fellow TikTokers, he was forced into a confrontation with the Sway House boys. Then, Nessa finally spoke out and revealed that, yes, her and Chase did kiss. Charli has since apologized for calling Chase out online in a tearful Instagram Live.

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