Girl group L2M recently released the official music video for their single "Living For The Rhythm," and J-14 asked them all about their favorite behind-the-scenes moment from filming the music video.

McKenzie Mack said, "My favorite part about filming the 'Living For The Rhythm' music video was working with directors Coco and Breezy and Leighton Pope again! They always make filming a fun time! At the shoot I remember jamming to some Bieber with them too lol!" That's definitely a great choice of song to listen to while filming.

Jenna Simmons revealed, "The funniest part was when the directing team wet the floor so we all kept slipping and sliding. My very favorite part though was getting to go onto the roof of the building! I had never done that before." That sounds so much fun!

Mariangeli Collado told us, "One of my favorite parts about filming the LFTR video was that we got to wear these super cool LEGO designed bracelets! And we also go too hang out on a rooftop!"

Lexi Drew revealed that she really liked the dance from the music video. She said, "One of the best parts was getting to go up on the roof and take selfies and run around! My other was working with Tony from Rich & Tone and learning the choreography for this song. I loved this dance!"

Tati McQuay shared in Lexi's excitement about the dance and said, "It was so much fun working with Coco and Breezy. I love them! And I also loved the choreographers Rich & Tone and their style. They are the coolest!"

It's always so cool to see what goes on behind-the-scenes of such a big production like a music video! If you want to buy "Living For The Rhythm," the song is available on iTunes today! Click HERE to download or stream the song.

What is your favorite part from the LFTR music video? Let us know in the comments section!

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