The perfect summer holiday is officially upon us. Yes, we love showing our patriotism on Independence Day or living up the last real moments of summer on Labor Day, but there’s one special day that totally gets overlooked. Today is National Watermelon Day!

We love a slice of sweet and refreshing watermelon on a hot day, and so many celebs feel the same way. In honor of the national holiday, we’ve made a video of all of your favorite stars enjoying the delicious fruit and reppin’ it all the time. Check out the video below to see which of your favorite celebs are absolutely obsessed with watermelon.

Several stars have embraced the yummy fruit, but in super different ways. Celebs like Bella Thorne and Harry Styles have been spotted chowing down on some watermelon, while Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande love to rock watermelon-inspired fashion. Seems like this is a holiday that everyone can seriously get behind!

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