Ever wonder what it’s like to go behind the scenes with BTS? Ever wonder what it’s like to live one day as the K-Pop group that has become one of the most well known international boy bands in the world? Well, for die-hard fans and really anyone who is fascinated by the way these guys have skyrocketed to fame, we have the answer. [Vogue](https://www.vogue.com/article/bts-kpop-band-in-los-angeles-vogue-video-shoot?mbid=socialtwitter)_ magazine followed BTS around last November ahead of a full week of press, including appearances on The Ellen Degeneres Show, the American Music Awards, The Late Late Show With James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel Live!. It was a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles, but we can now finally understand, sort of, what it’s like to live this life as a member of BTS. One thing to note, you know just in case you are ever in their presence, is that the boys love food, especially American snacks. If you’re looking for BTS facts, look no further.

What kind of food do the BTS guys like to eat?

While we’re not totally sure about specific meals, we know the guys love snacks. There were ramen cups, boxes of Pocky – which are thin chocolate covered sticks – crunchy Cheetos and Fritos, cans of Coke, slices of cake, iced coffees, and “body conditioning” shakes. They revealed that they had tried Panda Express at the airport, but there was never full disclosure of what they actually thought of that meal. Of course, the boys traveled on a party bus and on that mode of transportation, there were more snacks. More Coke cans, yogurt-covered pretzels, Kind bars, and nacho cheese Doritos and hot dogs. FYI, the Doritos are Jimin’s favorite.

What kind of things does BTS do when the cameras aren’t on them?

Well, besides eating, the boys love goofing around. In their party bus, V took two Coca-Cola bottle caps and stuck them in his eye sockets. He dances with soda bottle caps for eyes, which has us believing he really is just a regular boy. But, the shenanigans didn’t stop there. Jin and RM alternated dancing on a silver pole that was centered in the middle of the tour bus.

The writers at Vogue had called their moves “dramatic,” but we just see it their comedic side shining through. Oh yeah, and ever wonder who is the DJ of the group when they are traveling? Well, it’s J-Hope who apparently plugged his phone into the speaker system on the bus as the crew was able to jam along to Camila Cabello’s hit, “Havana” and the old N’SYNC hit, “Dirty Pop.”

Is BTS followed by paparazzi everywhere they go?

Basically, yeah. And it seems like they haven’t quite gotten used to it in the United States. While spending time in Los Angeles, they were confronted by a cameraman on the street. Much to their dismay, the footage made it’s way around the Internet and rumor spread that they had canceled a meet and greet – there was no meet and greet scheduled. The party bus pulled up to the location of their photoshoot was supposed to happen only to see tons of fans, ABC News and TMZ waiting for them. The bus pulls to a different location, but the boys are found again. It sounds like a serious case of cat and mouse and we’re getting tired just thinking about it. The writers at Vogue make sure to mention in the story that after all of the chaos, the boys are not only confused but seem a bit nervous about the whole thing. But, it makes us wonder, why? Does that not happen to them while at home in Korea? They are surely as big if not bigger there.

Do the BTS boys get special treatment while visiting the United States?

I wouldn’t call it special treatment. I would just say they are waited on all day long by their crew. Between makeup touch-ups, shoulder rubs, and their team placing herbal oil behind their necks, that’s just part of a day in the life of BTS. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget they are given an unlimited points card when the group gets to the arcade, Dave and Buster’s. Now, yes, THAT is special treatment.

Is BTS just like us?

Yes! The way you can see that is understanding just how they acted while at Dave and Buster’s – like excited children ready to play every game they could get their hands on. I don’t know about you, but that’s my exact mindset when I step into the adult arcade playground. It’s pure magic. Jungkook and Jin took on the DDR machine, Suga and Jimin try their hands at a shooting game and J-Hope and RM see how many baskets they can make in a certain amount of time. V tries throwing small footballs through hoops. They are just like us. And while on a certain level, they are completely different because everyone knows their name and they are undoubtedly talented, they are still boys. They are just boys growing up in a world where they are considering “celebrity” by the masses.

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