Anytime a television show comes to an end, it’s always bittersweet for fans, especially when it’s a Disney Channel series. You’re excited to finally see how the show you’ve become so invested in concludes, and you want to see your favorite characters get the happy ending they deserve. But then comes the realization that there won’t be any more new episodes, so you’re going to have to just relive the same storylines, again and again, thanks to re-runs. It’s truly the end of an era. And with Disney shows, it’s like a piece of your childhood is done forever too. Over time though, you most likely just end up watching your favorite episodes and might wonder, what happened in the series finale?

Watching the series finale isn’t usually the go-to episode when you’re firing up a beloved show so it’s easy to forget what actually happened at the end. This goes for classic Disney Channel series too which often has us wondering, what exactly happened in the series finale of your fave shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and Jessie? Well, allow us to explain.

Check out the gallery below to re-discover what went down in the final episodes of Disney Channel shows!

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