One Direction is irreplaceable in the eyes of millions of Directioners, but that is not stopping ABC from searching for the next big boy band in their upcoming singing competition show titled Boy Band which is set to premiere on June 22.

ABC has rounded up some major heavyweights in the music industry as judges, bringing on rapper and producer Timbaland, Spice Girls' Emma Bunton and Backstreet Boy's Nick Carter. The show will be hosted by Rita Ora and while all of these names are somewhat impressive, what they are truly looking for is a group of boys that will eventually take over the music industry and sell out concert venues all over the world — but they should also be prepared to be a lot more than that because their future fans will have higher expectations now.

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1D came about during a time where there were not many other boy bands around and they quickly filled a void that had not been touched since the early 2000s and reaped the benefit of now having much competition. Drones of eager teenage fans turned out to support the guys, making them one of the most successful groups of all time.

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As Harry Styles said in a recent interview, teenage girls are some of the most loyal fans an artist or group can hope for. They constantly show up to support their faves and do so with passion and complete devotion. The people behind Boy Band are gearing this show toward these teen fans but the kind of band young girls need now in 2017 is far different than what they have had in the past.

While most of these groups sing about young love and about their girl pursuits, this new band has to cater to an audience that is now self-aware and who is constantly exposed to a new culture that is focused on "being woke" and will not stand for any misogyny or for a group who does not stand for anything.

Young girls' biggest women idols in pop culture, like Fifth Harmony, are constantly speaking up to support feminism and women empowerment and speaking out against hatred and any type of injustice happening around the world and their new favorite boy band should do the same. Young fans need a boy band that is open about their emotions, their sexuality, and their troubles. They need guys that are willing to be vulnerable and do not conceal who they are behind cheesy pop songs because that is what the label envisions for them, as Zayn Malik has revealed on several occasions.

Fans now need music with a conscience and diverse artists who stand up for their beliefs and provide a voice for the groups of people they represent. Young people now do not support emptiness or artists that do not stand for anything. There have been so many issues in the past few years that required the attention of celebrities with a large following so that they could raise awareness to their youngest followers and this boy band should not shy away from that.

When asked about joining the show by Variety Timbaland said, “I’m excited to be a part of this show and come on as an architect to help guide the next generation of undiscovered talent. I’m ready to find the next boy band that could change our business.”

But perhaps, we need to raise our standards and expectations that we have for boy bands first before anything else can change. And maybe, just maybe, the guys won't feel the need to go their separate ways in just a few years.

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Boy Band will premiere June 22 on ABC and thousands of singers will be competing for one spot in the six-member group. Don't forget to tune in!

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