Summer is the season for basking in the sun, savoring delicious ice cream and sparking lively debates over which artist dropped the hottest track for those sizzling vibes!

Typically, those contenders usually fall in the hyper-pop and country category, with some even going as far as saying  “leave the sad music for the winter time,” but here at J-14, we’re opening it up to ~all~ songs that just feel right this year.

That being said, we’ve curated a list of some of the best songs for the summer, but we can’t decide which track deserves the number one slot. Which is why we need your help!

We’re more than halfway through 2024, and the music has been more than exceptional. One of the rising pop princesses this year has been sweeping the radio and internet by storm — Sabrina Carpenter.

And let’s just say, based off her singles, she isn’t coming to play this go-around!

Earlier this year, the songstress dropped her track “Espresso,” which has over 736,000,000 listens on Spotify alone. Her hit song has all of us in a chokehold with catchy lyrics like “I’m working late, cause I’m a singerrrrr.”

Sabrina wasn’t joking when she said she’s working late, especially since she replaced herself at #1 on the global Spotify chart.

Her coffee related song is not only dominating the charts, but it’s also taken over TikTok! The sound has been used by over 145k creators that have danced and sang along to it.

Following the release of  “Espresso,” Sabrina dropped a second single, which is arguably more iconic! “Please Please Please” was released in June 2024 — and we can’t stop watching the music video for it.

The video features her boyfriend Barry Keoghan, who plays her partner-in-crime (literally). They two are giving Bonnie and Clyde vibes throughout the video as they commit crimes together.

However, Sabrina isn’t the only star that’s had an amazing year in music so far. A black horse (or pink pony) suddenly gained tons of traction this year for her single “Good Luck, Babe!”

Chappell Roan is another rising star that definitely deserves to be on the list for song of the summer. But who will prevail? It’s your time to decide!

Cast your votes for the 2024 song of the summer here:

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