One Direction and fan fiction go hand in hand and from this came the After series. Now, during the peak 1D days, you couldn’t escape the large number of weirdly addictive, highly entertaining fictional stories Directioners were sharing on Tumblr, Wattpad, and pretty much everywhere. We know there are still plenty out there too! Fan fiction writers and readers are loyal AF, especially when it comes to supporting one of their own who not only end up having their stories published into a book, but end up getting a movie deal.

Yes, we’re talking about the one and only Anna Todd and her hugely successful After stories. The now 29-year-old ended up writing one million words for her stories that are all fan fiction, inspired by the legend that is Harry Styles on Wattpad and from there, they were published into a five-book series. Paramount Pictures then acquired the rights in 2014 to turn the first book into an actual movie and the script was written in 2015. Talk about a dream come true!

A movie based on a fictional love story featuring a lead character inspired by Harry himself is coming to the big screen? It’s going to be major. And we have all the details you need to know about the long-awaited After movie.

What is the After movie going to be about?

The film should stay true to the book’s love story between Tessa and the Harry-inspired character Hardin. Tessa is a good girl who meets bad boy with a British accent Hardin when she moves into her freshman dorm at college. They have a dramatic, roller coaster of a relationship to say the least, but is the Hessa connection something real? Well, you’ll just have to read all the books and see the movie to find out!

Is the After movie still happening? When is it coming out?

YES, it’s happening and the first teaser trailer has already been released. The movie is set to hit theaters in April 2019. For some time though, it was unclear what exactly was going on since conversations about a movie being made seemed to stall, at least publicly. However, Anna did do a Facebook Live in August of 2017 where she tried to answer fans’ most burning questions about the movie.

“I don’t really have anything I can say right now. But I do just want to remind you guys that even though it seems like it’s taking forever, timeline wise for movies, it’s really not,” the author explained. “We got the option really early even before the book was even published or anything which is super cool but just meant we had to wait longer. So from the time the books were actually out until now, is actually pretty standard for a movie time. And just because there isn’t any news, doesn’t mean there’s no news, I just can’t say anything. But I can say Paramount re-optioned the film in April, so that’s something. And I know it’s super hard to wait though, I’m going crazy waiting too but there’s just nothing that we know right now that I can say.”

Who is going to star in After?

After searching far and wide, the main roles of Tessa and Hardin were secured. Staring as Tessa is 21-year-old Josephine Langford, and if you’re wondering if the Australian actress looks a little familiar, well that’s most likely because she looks a lot like her older sister, Katherine Langford!

After Movie Tessa Josephine Langford

And for Hardin? He’s being played by 21-year-old British actor Hero Fiennes-Tiffin.

After Movie Hardin

He’s best known for playing Tom Riddle, the young version of Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. His real-life uncle, Ralph Fiennes, is the actor who plays Voldemort in all the HP movies. Fam goals, really. And now he’s going to be making waves with this leading role and we have a feeling everyone is going to be talking about this movie.


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