It's safe to safe that the Martinez Twins are fairly new to social media. Ivan Martinez actually posted his first photo on Instagram in September of 2015. But, just because they may not have been heavily on the platform for years, doesn't mean they aren't professionals. With almost 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, Emilio Martinez and Ivan are slaying the game. They joined Team 10 in 2017 with Jake Paul helping them rise to stardom.

Not only are the Martinez Twins super adorable, but their charm can make any person hit the subscribe button at the bottom of their page. While fans may think they know the twins well, we've come up with a list of questions that people can't stop asking about the boys. Everything from their phone numbers to how tall they are to where you can buy their merch. It's all right here!

Who are the Martinez Twins?

The Martinez Twins are social media influencers, obviously. They recently joined Team 10 in 2017 where their subscribers, followers, and fans grew exponentially. The twins are from Spain, they have a younger sister and are all around pretty normal. Emilio has 4.6 million followers on Instagram where as Ivan has 4.1 million followers on the 'gram. They basically do everything together. They are super cute, they have accounts, Snapchat profiles and girls literally can't handle themselves when the twins are around.

Did the Martinez Twins leave Team 10?

The Martinez Twins didn't actually leave Team 10. They explained everything in a YouTube video on their channel. It's all kind of sad but first and foremost, there is no bad blood between this set of twins and Team 10. Ivan and Emilio decided to go back to Spain because they miss their family. They still plan to vlog as much as they can and be part of the Team 10 crew just not based in the United States. In a recent video titled, We Are Not Coming Back To USA, they said there was something they needed to tell their fans. The boys explained that they WILL be back in the country if they are allowed which probably just means if they can get all of their VISAS straightened out. Until then, we'll see.

Where do the Martinez Twins live?

Right now, the Martinez Twins are back living in Spain hanging out with their family and friends. Before that, they resided in Los Angeles, California at the Team 10 house.

How old are the Martinez Twins?

The twins' birthday is on May 10, 1999, which makes them 18 years old. They were born in Catalonia, Spain which is near Barcelona.

How can you tell the Martinez Twins apart?

There are a few differences between them, to be honest! Emilio Martinez has a freckle above his upper lip and Ivan Martinez has two small scars on his forehead. Emilio has a curved lip because he injured it from falling. Ivan's chin is smaller and Emilio's chin is more round. If you look closely, Emilio's eyebrows are slightly longer than Ivan's.

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Which Martinez Twin is older?

Emilio Martinez is the older twin!

Which Martinez Twin is taller?

Ivan and Emilio are both 5 foot 11 inches tall which means they are the same height. Not one of the Martinez Twins is taller than the other.

Where can I get Martinez Twins merchandise?

Fans can get the Martinez Twins' merchandise on their website HERE. They actually have some really cool stuff including shirts with their faces on them, cell phone cases, pillows, and limited edition packages.

What is the Martinez Twins' Instagram handles?

Emilio Martinez's Instagram handle is, emiliovmartinez. Ivan Martinez's Instagram handle is, ivanmartinez.

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What is the Martinez Twins' Snapchat?

Emilio Martinez's Snapchat name is, 'eddymarti' and Ivan Martinez's Snapchat name is, 'ivanmart31'.

What is the Martinez Twins' phone number?

Unfortunately, there's no way to get the twins' phone numbers unless you're in their inner circle. They are Internet sensations. I mean, can you imagine if they gave out their phone number to the millions of subscribers they have? That would cause pure madness. This one will just be a mystery for now.

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