If you’re a K-pop fan, you know how difficult it is for K-pop stars to date. After they’re spotted with a possible romantic partner in public, rumors swirl on social media until the online hate becomes too intense that the stars have no choice but to reveal their romantic lives. For TWICE, similar situations have happened twice (ha). Keep reading for everything we know about the K-pop stars’ dating lives.

Dating “scandals” are so severe in South Korea that many K-pop companies like SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment have dating bans on their K-pop stars. However, TWICE’s Sana revealed on an episode on Radio Star that their company, JYP Entertainment, never banned TWICE from having relationships.

The first TWICE member to go public with their relationship was their leader, Jihyo, with K-pop singer Kang Daniel in August 2019. According to Dispatch, the couple reportedly began dating in the beginning of the year. However, just over a year later, the two broke up due to their busy schedules in November 2020.

Later, a source from JYP Entertainment confirmed the news.

In August 2019, it was first reported that Momo was in a relationship with fellow K-pop group Super Junior’s Heechul, but those rumors were quickly denied by both of their music labels. However, after the same report was made in January 2020, both agencies confirmed that the two K-pop stars were dating.

Following the announcement, Heechul discussed his relationship with Momo in a V Live broadcast. “Many people are saying that we’ve been dating for three years, but that really isn’t the case, you know. I didn’t even know her then.”

The Super Junior member further explained the guilt he felt when the news broke since most of his fans were hurt, adding that he postponed the release of his solo album due to the “scandal.”

Sadly, the relationship didn’t last too long as it was reported that the pair broke up on July 8, 2021. The news was confirmed by both of their agencies, with the reason also being due to their busy schedules.

Scroll through the gallery below to see TWICE’s members’ relationship histories, including exes, current partners and more.

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