Stranger Things continues to get bigger and better each season! The Netflix show has put their characters through the wringer … and sometimes they don’t always come back! Unfortunately, several beloved characters on the show have died, so we’ve gathered all of the cast-members who didn’t make it out of the Upside Down. Warning: [spoilers ahead.]

Season 4 had its fair share of deaths, which the Duffer Brothers have even found themselves regretting! In June 2022, the co-creators of the show admitted that one season 4 character’s death was a bit premature — Chrissy Cunningham a.k.a. the queen of Hawkins High herself!

The brothers explained that Grace Van Dien, who played Chrissy, instantly impressed them during her scene with Eddie (Joseph Quinn) in the forest. “It was just one of those fortunate scenes where we were able to have two cameras rolling capturing them simultaneously,” Matt said. “Joe was doing a lot of stuff spontaneously and we were getting these amazing reactions from Grace.”

Unfortunately, they shot that scene after Chrissy’s fate was already sealed. “It’s pretty impressive what Grace was able to do with very, very few scenes, to get people to care like she did,” said Matt. However, there might still be hope for Chrissy’s future, as Matt insisted “we’ll find something else to do with Grace.”

As the ’80s horror series grows, so does the cast! Millie Bobby Brown, who plays El, has even joked about killing characters off since the cast has gotten so big, particularly for season 4.

“Last night we couldn’t even take one group picture because there were like 50 of us. I was like, you need to start killing people off,” Millie joked to The Wrap in May 2022. “We need to have the mindset of Game of Thrones,” the Netflix star continued. “Kill me off! They tried killing David [Harbour] off and they brought him back! It’s ridiculous…The Duffer Brothers are sensitive Sallies who don’t want to kill anybody off.”

Agreeing with Millie, Noah Schnapp, who plays Will, said, “They need to kill off some people. [The cast] is so big.”

Who died in ‘Stranger Things’? A Guide to Every Character Who Has Died

That being said, there have been some major deaths throughout seasons 1-4! Fans have even noticed a trend with some of the deaths throughout the show: all of the major characters who have died so far have names that start with the letter ‘B.’ Barb, Nancy’s friend from season 1 and fan favorite, died in episode 2 by a nasty Demogorgon attack. And that’s not all!

There was also Bob Newby, Joyce’s boyfriend played by Sean Astin, who died after sacrificing himself to save Joyce and the kids from another nasty Demogorgon attack. And season 3 included another death of a ‘B’: Billy Hargrove, Max’s brother, who was freakily possessed all season until sacrificing himself at the very last second to save the kids. You’re seeing the trend now, right? It’s the B-name curse!

In an interview with Vanity Fair in May 2022, the Stranger Things cast was introduced to the B-name theory, which they were very intrigued by! “I wonder if they [The Duffer Brothers] know that,” Natalia Dyer said, to which Maya Hawke responded, “They know but I don’t think they did it on purpose.” Well, there you go!

Scroll through our gallery to see who has died on Stranger Things (Spoiler: there are a lot of B-names).

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