Anna Aya is hoping to break out of the J-pop box. At just 19 years old, the singer is already making waves in both the Japanese and American pop scenes. From a dancing prodigy to a sought-after model and now a budding pop singer, the songstress has already accomplished so much at such a young age! Keep reading to learn more about Anna.

On Her Start

Anna’s love for dance began at age of 3, when she began classical ballet — something that still inspires her dancing style now.

“I think classical ballet is the core of everything,” she told Mixed Asian Media in January 2024. “All dancers say if you have learned ballet, it is really easy to shift into other genres of dance like jazz or hip hop. In ballet, you learn the basics of dance moves, such as having the right posture and becoming flexible. This is why it was easy for me to learn Japanese traditional dance and Armenian traditional dance. Because posture is very important in ballet, that skill has helped me in my modeling career.”

Her natural talent quickly turned heads — and by age 6, she was introduced into the world of acting and modeling, catching the eye of renowned brands like Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Boucheron and Fendi.

But Anna’s ambitions didn’t stop there. With a passion for languages and a deep connection to her Japanese heritage, she soon found herself interpreting Japanese for various TV shows.

On Her Music Career

In 2023, Anna took a leap into the music industry with her debut single, “Someone Else,” a vibrant blend of Japanese and English lyrics. The song not only captured hearts but also delivered a powerful message of self-worth, resonating strongly with listeners on both sides of the Pacific. It was a bold step towards introducing J-pop to Western audiences, a mission Anna holds close to her heart.

“It was hard at first to discover who I am because I can’t truly put myself in one box,” she told the outlet. “I’m a Japanese and Armenian person living in L.A. so I feel like my identity is a bunch of everything mixed together. But L.A. is very diverse, and living in a diverse city has helped me accept myself for who I am and not be afraid of expressing myself and my cultures.”

Fast forward to June 2024, and Anna delighted her growing fanbase with her second single, “Hit Me With Your Love.” The song continues to showcase her unique style and musical evolution, cementing her status as a rising star to watch.

One of the most memorable moments of Anna’s young career came on July 2, 2024, when she performed live for the very first time at Japanese Heritage Night at Dodger Stadium. With infectious energy and flawless stage presence, she lit up the night, treating fans to electrifying renditions of both her hit singles.

On Her First Album

Anna’s hope? To bridge the gap between J-pop and American pop, inviting listeners to embrace the rich diversity and infectious beats of Japanese music. For now, she’s currently in the midst of writing her first album.

“I’m potentially working on an album for 2024. I have a couple of songs already in the vault, and I’m still recording songs right now,” she told Mixed Asian Media. “I’m expecting to perform live next year in 2024. So look out for more music, live performances, and other related events from me in 2024.”

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