Who is Wonhee? The K-pop star won first place on R U Next?, the TV survival show that originally formed ILLIT and has since gone viral for her ethereal looks and voice! Keep reading for everything we know about Wonhee.

Who Is ILLIT’s Wonhee?

Wonhee was born in Gyeonggi, South Korea, on June 26, 2007 — making her a Cancer. In June 2023, she was revealed to be a contestant on Belift Lab’s girl group survival show, where she later won first place out of 20 contestants, earning her a spot in ILLIT.

During an interview with Weverse Magazine, Wonhee spoke about some difficulties she faced when moving to Seoul to become a K-pop star.

“Up until my second year of middle school, I was an extreme E: super outgoing without a hint of shyness,” she said. o be honest, when I suddenly decided to become an idol, I was somewhat afraid for a future I had no experience with. When I became a trainee and moved to Seoul, everyone I knew was suddenly gone and replaced entirely with people I didn’t know. Since now I was in a position where I had to be the one to initiate things, I tried to be more outgoing, but that sometimes made me even more awkward.”

She also revealed that she has always wanted to “try” and be an idol, but “had never went to a dance academy or trained in any serious way.”

“But opportunities came to me one by one, and more and more I thought, ‘Oh! I want to give this a shot. Should I just try it?’ My emotions are like reeds, and my mind’s seriously light as a plastic bag. Then I was scouted, and even though it wasn’t easy working up the courage to go on an audition reality show, after talking it over with my parents, we decided it was worth it to try.”

Who Are ILLIT?

ICYMI, ILLIT is the third girl group to debut under HYBE, BTS’ music company, following Le Sserafim from Source Music in May 2022 and NewJeans from ADOR in July of the same year. The members of ILLIT includes members include Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee and Iroha.

The 5-member group was originally a sextet, as former member Youngseo left the group in January 2024, pre-debut.

“Following in-depth discussions about future activities, Belift Lab and Youngseo have come to a mutual agreement to terminate the exclusive contract,” Belift Lab announced on Weverse on January 7, 2024.

The girls made their debut on March 25, 2024, with their mini album, SUPER REAL ME. The tracklist featured 5 songs: “My World,” “Magnetic,” “Midnight Fiction” and “Lucky Girl Syndrome.”

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