Season 3 of Riverdale is in full swing and although we’re only a few episodes deep so far, there’s been plenty of drama as you can imagine. And some new faces! New characters are always welcome into the Riverdale fam and now that our beloved Archie has found himself in juvie, he suddenly had a roommate. Or rather, cellmate. And his name happened to be Mad Dog. Casual.

So who is Mad Dog?

When we first meet Mad Dog, he’s doing pull-ups in his and Archie’s cell and then proceeds to read a book, ignoring all the conversation our fave redhead tries to start up. As the episode went on though, he started to open up and reveals how his family used to come visit him every week until the warden said they were banned. He’s set to be transferred to a read prison where he will serve even more time. The guys all end up playing a game of football outside, which ends in a riot brought on by Veronica’s dad Hiram. As we found out, the prison warden is totally working with Hiram and when Archie returns to his cell to see all of Mad Dog’s belongings gone, he is informed by an officer that Mad Dog was killed during the riot that broke out. Archie doesn’t believe this though, as Mad Dog wasn’t even there for the riots so it’s unclear what Mad Dog’s fate will be.

Who plays Mad Dog?

That would be actor Eli Goree. He’s Canadian and has appeared on other CW shows too, like The 100, Supernatural, Emily Owens, M.D., and Legends of Tomorrow. He seems to have a great time on set with the Riverdale crew. Just look at how precious this selfie is he snapped with KJ Apa.

Will Mad Dog be in future episodes?

As of now, it’s unclear, but we have a feeling he won’t be gone for long.

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