She’s making headlines for her love life! Taylor Russell was romantically linked to Timothée Chalamet after they were co-stars in Bones and All, but now, she’s being linked to Harry Styles.

Keep reading for everything to know about Taylor — her age, roles and more. 

Who Is Taylor Russell?

The Canadian star was born on July 18, 1994. Aside from Bones and All, Taylor has acted in several projects such as Before I Fall, Waves, Words on Bathroom Walls, Escape Room and the Netflix series Lost in Space. However, prior to making it big in Hollywood, Taylor worked multiple odd jobs.

“I’ve worked since I was 13 years old,” Taylor told Deadline in December 2022. “So many random things. Mostly restaurants, but I worked at a jewelry store, and I almost worked for Amazon, doing shipping and receiving.”

Growing up close to various film sets in Vancouver allowed her to progress in her acting journey.

“I got my agent there after high school,” she said. “And then just started doing smaller roles, or auditioning for whatever I could. I think — although I’m not 100 percent sure —  that the first thing I did was a show called Emily Owens MD. I played Mean Girl 2, I had just one line, and the part got cut.”

Years later, the Lost in Space role came along where Taylor played Judy Robinson.

“I was so broke until that point, and then suddenly I was making good Netflix money,” she recalled. “I finally felt like, ‘Oh, I guess I can quit my job now.’ But, even then, I felt that I would go back to it at some point.”

Are Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell Dating?

Following the premiere of Bones and All in September 2022 at the Venice Film Festival, Timothée and Taylor gave fans a masterclass in flirting and fashion. During their press tour, viewers noticed that the two look extremely smitten with one another.

Additionally, a source claimed on the celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi in November 2022 that a “rising movie superstar renowned for dating his fair share of [nepotism] offspring and costars had a brief relationship with his colead during the making of their latest movie.” Although the source hinted that the romantic relationship was between Taylor and Timothée, it ultimately concluded that the two “private people” would not be “coming out as a couple anytime soon.”

The duo never confirmed or denied dating rumors.

Are Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Dating?

After Taylor was spotted at Harry’s Love on Tour concerts in July 2023, eagle-eyed fans started to notice them out and about in Europe. This, of course, sparked romance rumors. However, they’ve yet to address any rumors.

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