If you’ve watched Stranger Things season 4, you’re probably familiar with a smackin’ Surfer Boy Pizza employee named Argyle. Eduardo Franco is new on the Stranger Things cast and he exclusively gushed to J-14 about his favorite part about joining the Netflix show’s cast.

“I guess my favorite thing about working with them is that everybody was a pleasure to be around. To work with on set and hang out off set,” Eduardo, 27, told J-14 at the 2022 MTV Movie Awards on June 5. “Everybody was so cool.”

He also revealed the two cast members he got the closest to during the filming of season 4. “I got to hang out a lot with Charlie [Heaton] and with Finn [Wolfhard]. With Noah [Schnapp] on set a lot, but off set it was Charlie and Finn. And it was awesome,” he shared. “Those are two good a– dudes. Just playing video games with them, just shooting the sh-t, hanging out with them.”

You can definitely tell how close the three cast mates are in a June 2022 Instagram post by Finn, where he shared a video of the trio behind-the-scenes playing badminton and other on-set antics. Finn captioned the post, “Volume one of @strangerthingstv is out on Netflix now and my god do I love the people I made it with.” So cute!

Eduardo, who is well-known for his role in Booksmart, also explained how he was a huge Stranger Things fan before he was even cast! “I remembered I watched the first season all the way through like in one sitting when it first came out. At the time I don’t think there’s anything near it, at least as far as what the show is. An 80’s tribute,” he explained. “Also, an incredible story. Awesome, awesome characters.” Argyle being one of them!

And did Eduardo have any spoilers or hints on how Stranger Things ends? “I wish I could tell you. I have no idea!” he said. I guess we’ll just have to wait until July 1!

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