Have you fallen in love with James Beaufort from Maxton Hall yet? The German Prime Video series stars Damian Hardung as an arrogant millionaire who falls in love with regular private school student Ruby Bell, and the girlies are eating it up! So, who exactly is Damian?

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Who Is Damian Hardung?

Damian was born on September 7, 1998 (a Virgo!), in Cologne, Germany. He has been acting since 2010, when he appeared in the short video Der magische Umhang. He played his first leading role at age 13, portraying Thomas in 2013’s Clara and the Secret of the Bears.

Since then, he has starred in several other films, including playing Rick in 2018’s The Most Beautiful Girl in the World and Daniel Riffert in 2022’s Buba. He’s also well known for playing Jonas in The Red Ribbon Society.

Fun fact: while German is his native language, he can also speak English!

What Is ‘Maxton Hall’ About?

Maxton Hall: The World Between Us premiered on Prime Video on May 9, 2024, and is based on the book trilogy by Mona Kasten.

ICYMI, the show follows the love story between private school students Ruby Bell (played by Harriet Herbig-Matten) and James Beaufort (Damian).

According to a press release, the show follows Ruby after she “unwittingly witnesses an explosive secret at Maxton Hall private school, the arrogant millionaire heir James Beaufort has to deal with the quick-witted scholarship student for better or worse. From that point on, the handsome student tries to buy Ruby’s silence. Although the two come from different worlds, they will soon risk everything to be together.”

While a second season has yet to be confirmed by Prime Video, Damian has expressed what he wants to see if it were to be.

“I hope that the message of the show really holds up,” the actor told TVLine regarding a potential next season. “When there’s love, there’s nothing in between that can stop them. They can overcome those obstacles that they have and the circumstances to actually be able to be together.”

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