Behind every great television show is an ever greater theme song. Pretty Little Liars has it’s iconic “Got a secret. Can you keep it?” and The Fosters has “It’s not where you come from. It’s where you belong.” While everyone has been jamming to the PLL song since 2010, does anyone know who sings The Fosters‘? We do! And she just so happens to have been a part of both the Descendants soundtracks…

Who sings The Fosters theme song?

Kari Kimmel is a pop singer with R&B and country influences. Her song “Where You Belong” is The Fosters‘ theme song. Her website says this is the theme song that she is most well-known for despite having 16 others across television. But it’s no wonder! “Where You Belong” has us in tears literally every episode. Fun fact: she wrote, sang, and co-produced the track.

So, who is Kari Kimmel?

Well, aside from writing theme songs, she also creates her own original music. Her latest albums, Poppyfields and Covers can be found on iTunes! If you’re already obsessed with her music and can’t wait for more, you’re in luck. Kari announced on her Facebook page that she’ll be releasing a new album called Gold and Glitter in March 2018!

When she isn’t being an amazing songstress, Kari is a mom! She has a 7-year-old son named Rylan. He makes an appearance in this live performance of “Where You Belong.” Not only is it clear that Rylan has a career as a singer just like his mom, his addition adds another special layer to the meaning of the song! BRB, gotta wipe these tears away. She also has a daughter named Poppy, who is just a toddler. So cute! The kids sometimes pop into her Facebook Live videos.

What else has Kari Kimmel performed in? (Spoiler: a lot of your fave movies and TV shows!)

The list is long! She doesn’t just do theme songs. She also sings and writes for TV shows and movies. For example, Kari sung in the Descendants 2 soundtrack and was super happy when it reached #1 on the iTunes chart.

Her songs have appeared in tv shows like Pretty Little Liars and she’s even created music for The Sims. What can’t she do? As a backup singer, Kari has worked for both Pitch Perfect movies, John Legend, and Pharrell. The list goes on and on and on. She also recorded songs for Disney Channel Original Movies like Radio Rebel and Princess Protection Program, as well as the Disney Channel show Sonny With a Chance.

We don’t know how she manages to do it all, but we’re so glad she does. The Fosters is an incredible TV show and her touching lyrics are like icing on top. Season 5B needs to hurry up just so we can watch the opening credits again!

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