Kendall Jenner recently took part in a video that showcased the model as a ballerina, in order to promote her October cover of Vogue Espana. As always, the supermodel looked as stunning and as graceful as every parading about in a dance studio in nothing but tutus, in pointe shoes, and rehearsal dance wear. But as soon as the video hit social media, professional dancers became enraged with the young model for her false portrayal of what being a ballerina looks like.

When the concept of the video was revealed to be Kendall attempting to channel a small child who has dreams of becoming a ballerina, this explanation did nothing to quiet the online chatter and criticism – especially because, they claim, there are so many young and talented dancers who could've used this exposure. Instead, professional ballerinas and dancers alike took to Twitter to air out their grievances with the young star:

Many dancers were angry with the starlet over her incorrect technique – having never been trained – while others used that as the reason for hiring actual professional ballerinas to do shoots like this.

The discussion became so heated online that even notorious dance teacher and reality TV personality, Abby Lee Miller chimed in on Instagram and savagely added her two cents in.

And this fan reaction alone says it all:

What do you guys think about Kendall's turn as a ballerina? Do you find it offensive or just another harmless modeling photoshoot? Sound off in the comments below!

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