Not involved? Fans were confused when Zoey 101 announced a forthcoming revival film on Paramount+, titled Zoey 102, and both Victoria Justice and Alexa Nikolas appeared to be left off the cast list.

Victoria — who went on to star in her own show, Victorious — played Lola Martinez from 2005 to 2008, while Alexa appeared as Nicole Bristow from 2005 to 2006. Zoey 101 aired on Nickelodeon for four seasons from 2005 to 2008. Keep reading for more details. 

Why Isn’t Victoria Justice in the ‘Zoey 101’ Movie?

“I had scheduling conflicts and whatnot, but she mailed me the wrap gift, and she was like, ‘It only seems fair to send this to you as well, since you were such a big part of the show!’ and this handwritten note and these little Zoey 102 pencils. It was just so sweet and thoughtful of her,” Victoria told HollywoodLife in July 2023 about her involvement in the movie.

Previously, she spoke about possibly joining the show’s reboot.

“To be honest with you. I don’t really know much about it. I was hearing things about a reboot, but no one had ever really talked to me specifically about it,” she told Entertainment Tonight in March 2021. “So I don’t really know exactly what’s going on. But I mean, I love that cast, I love that show … but there’s nothing official right now.”

Everything We Know About the ‘Zoey 101’ Revival Movie: Jamie Lynn Spears, More
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Why Isn’t Alexa Nikolas in the ‘Zoey 101’ Movie?

Over the years, it’s been widely reported that there was a feud between herself and Zoey 101 star Jamie Lynn Spears on set, which is what led to Alexa’s departure from the show. In July 2019, the cast reunited without Alexa and she appeared to post a video of herself crying.

“I shouldn’t be crying because I’m an adult and those things were so long ago,” she said at the time. “But, I guess it just brought up old memories and … just sad. I don’t get it.”

After Jamie released her Things I Should Have Said memoir in January 2022, Alexa claimed that the author had been “lying up a storm” in her book.

“I recently thought we were fine after she tried to use me in her Zoey 101 music video to make herself look better after I finally came out about what happened to me while on set/being left out once again during the reunion reboot ploy,” Alexa claimed, in part, in a social media post at the time.

“She never addressed anything that she mentioned in the book to me personally because she knows everything she is saying is a total lie and I would have called her out on that. One on one,” the Criminal Minds alum continued. “It’s sad to see someone not change after all these years. Nothing that she said in her book about me actually happened.”

Jamie Lynn, for her part, never addressed the Instagram post.

Reps for Alexa did not immediately respond to J-14‘s request for comment regarding the Zoey 101 movie. However, she seemingly responded to the movie news in a scathing social media post.

“Take note of people in this industry that do not advocate publicly nor privately to create safer environments by even simply supporting individuals close to them that have bravely come forward. Birds of a feather. Flock together,” she wrote on Twitter. “Do NOT support a network that can’t even take accountability especially when it comes to CHILDREN. That is beyond low.”

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