2017 was a big year for Harry Styles, and we're not just talking in terms of his music. Yes, of course, he did put out his solo debut album which garnered lots of positive attention and went on his first tour without three or four other guys by his side. But he also starred in Christopher Nolan's World War II flick, Dunkirk. This was Hazza's first acting role, and he totally nailed it. He has been praised time and time again for what he did on the big screen. The fact that he didn't show up to the 2018 Golden Globes, where Dunkirk was nominated in three categories, is bizarre AF. Like, where in the world was he?

It's not like he had a prior commitment that we know of. The former One Direction frontman's tour is over and not starting up again until June. So, why couldn't he make the show? Not sure, exactly. There were rumors around the holidays that he had brought his rumored girlfriend, Victoria's Secret model Camille Rowe, home to meet his family. It's possible that he's still in the U.K. trying to soak in as much free time as he can. But, STILL, this was a huge deal.

Dunkirk was nominated for Best Drama Motion Picture, Best Director of a Motion Picture and Best Original Score. We were patiently waiting to see Harry, dressed in black, walk the red carpet and sit at the table with his castmates, director, and the rest of the team that showed up. But, sadly, this definitely did not happen. Oddly enough, Harry didn't even make one mention of the Dunkirk's three nominations on his social media accounts. True Hazza fans will note that he rarely uses Twitter and Instagram; however, you'd think with something like this he'd make a point to call out the one film of the year that thrusted him into the world of acting.

We are not the only ones that were disappointed in his absence. Fans took to Twitter to express how they felt that the "Sign of the Times" singer literally pretended he had no business being at the awards show. One fan wrote, "@Harry_Styles still kinda upset you weren't the one to introduce Dunkirk at the #GoldenGlobes ANYWAYS you did amazing sweetie!!!!!!!!"

Another said, "good morning, I had a dream about Harry attending the golden globes, imagine my disappointment when I found out he didn't go."

Literally, so many people were confused. The only thing we can think of is Harry and his much-desired need for privacy. He knows people have been talking about him and Camille. Maybe he just didn't want to deal with the questions that would have been thrown at him. Or maybe he didn't want to run into his former flame, Kendall Jenner, who strutted her stuff at the show and the glamorous after parties. Or, just maybe, because he himself wasn't nominated for something, he didn't think it was totally necessary to show face. Regardless, here's to hoping Harry makes an appearance in another movie this year. There really was an empty spot in our hearts while watching the show that could only be filled with Harry's presence.

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