Back on the mat? Fans are hoping for a third season of Netflix’s Cheer following the successful season 2 premiere.

Bringing back Coach Monica Aldama and her Navarro College cheerleaders, the docuseries followed the cheer team on their journey to win another National Cheerleaders Association’s National Championship trophy amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“It covers, I think, the first part up to where we get our season canceled and then picks back up with now we’re coming back in a COVID year, which was so hard with all the COVID rules and stuff,” Monica told J-14 exclusively ahead of the show’s season 2 premiere in January 2022. “It should be an exciting season 2. Definitely, you’ll get to see, obviously, your favorites from season 1 and you will definitely fall in love with some new people too.”

The show became an immediate phenomenon after its first season premiere in January 2020. At the time, neither Monica nor the team knew if fans would see more of the squad on their TV screens.

“I knew that was a possibility, but I also thought when it came out that they might not do another season just because it was so good,” the Navarro College coach told J-14. “How do you top it?”

Somehow, they found a way to top it. Throughout Cheer season 2, fans were introduced to newcomers on the Navarro College team but also got a chance to see things from the eyes of their main competitors, Trinity Valley Community College.

“It didn’t take a genius to figure out that we should learn a little more about this team that goes toe to toe with Navarro every year,” Cheer director Greg Whiteley told Entertainment Tonight in January 2022. “I just think in the efforts of expanding the world in season 2, it was a fairly obvious choice to try and include them.”

When it comes to the possibility of a season 3, it’s unclear exactly what would go down in terms of filming Navarro College and Trinity Valley Community College, but breakout star Gabi Butler got real about whether she would return to the show.

“Technically, I did my third year at Navarro in 2021 but because of COVID, it kind of threw everything off and I technically do have one more year of eligibility there,” she told Entertainment Tonight in January 2022. “I don’t know, we’ll see. But, I am still cheering.”

Scroll through our gallery for what we know about the possibility of Cheer season 3 so far. 

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