We can’t get enough of Netflix’s newest teen series, Heartbreak High! Season 1 of the show premiered on September 14, 2022, and is already racking up so many fans for its hilarious dialogue and charming cast. So, will the series get a season 2? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Heartbreak High?

Heartbreak High is a reboot from the ’90s Australian classic of the same name, which ran for seven seasons. The Aussie reboot centers around high school teen Amerie (Ayesha Madon), whose Year 11 social ambitions are destroyed after her best friend Harper (Asher Yasbincek) dumps her. Amerie is blamed for the fallout and — making matters worse — the duo’s “incest map,” which details every hook-up (real or rumored) in their year, is discovered.

'Heartbreak High' Cast: Meet Season 1 Netflix Actors
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Will There Be a Heartbreak High Season 2?

Netflix announced Heartbreak High was renewed for a second season on October 19, much to fans delight.

Following the show’s premiere in September, many fans immediately connected to the Gen-Z humored series for talking about important topics like mental health awareness and sexuality — while also providing much-needed representation.

One fan tweeted, “Heartbreak High season 2 is a MUST … the importance of this series ! they/them pronouns, asexuality, gay/bi awareness and so much more. it’s so much more than just being about amerie and showing the difference in how male and female are treated !! IMPORTANT.” Another wrote, “Heartbreak High is actually such a good show i was invested from beginning to end like i NEED that season 2.”

While we may not know the exact details of what’s to come, what we can expect is tons more Australian representation in the media! As the Heartbreak High actor Will McDonald told NME: “I think audiences can expect a lot of really new Australian stories that have never been told before and a lot of characters that we’ve never seen on Australian TV before.”

He added: “I’m really excited to see how people respond to that, these characters and these storylines that have probably never been touched on in Australian TV.”

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