Aca-believe it! Is there a Pitch Perfect 4 in the works? The franchise’s cast, which includes actors Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson and Anna Camp, have hinted at a fourth movie since Pitch Perfect 3 premiered in 2017. Keep reading for everything we know.

Is There Going to Be a ‘Pitch Perfect 4’?

As of now, there is no news on Pitch Perfect 4. However, the original cast has hinted numerous times that they would be more than on board with a fourth movie.

What Has the Cast, Crew Said on ‘Pitch Perfect 4’?

Pitch Perfect 4 castmember Brittany Snow, who plays Chloe Beale in Pitch Perfect, expressed her desire to reprise her role while appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show in March 2022, calling it a “no-brainer.”

“I do love doing them,” the Hairspray actress gushed. “I get to be with my best friends, and we get to sing and dance … So I would love to do another because we would just all get to be together.”

Rebel Wilson, who plays the iconic character “Fat Amy” in Pitch Perfect, also seemingly hinted a fourth movie shortly after the third movie came out in 2017, posting a photo of multiple castmembers from Pitch Perfect holding up four fingers. Fans were quick to assume that the photo was hinting at a Pitch Perfect 4.

“I can’t say anything officially,” Rebel told Ellen DeGeneres in an interview from October 2018, after the talk show host brought up the photo. “We just love each other, all us girls. Definitely I’ll be filming another musical film in the next 12 months, I can say that. You’ll see me singing a bit more.”

However, the film Rebel was seemingly hinting at during her Ellen appearance wasn’t a fourth acapella movie, but rather a Netflix romantic comedy called Isn’t It Romantic, which included multiple musical moments — and her love interest from Pitch Perfect, Adam Devine. Close enough, we guess?

Regardless, another Pitch Perfect star, Anna Camp (a.k.a. Aubrey), also agreed with her former costars, telling ET Online she was “down” for a fourth Pitch Perfect movie. “I love those girls and I love playing my character, so if they needed me I would be there, for sure.”

And what does the franchise’s main star, Anna Kendrick, feel about a fourth Pitch Perfect movie?

“Hell, yeah!” Anna told EW in 2017. “We’d do them forever.”

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