If you’re like us, you might have mixed feelings about the MTV Video Music Awards. Not only is it the mega pop culture event of the year that has us talking about it for days on end, but it’s somewhat of the unofficial televised alarm for the end of summer.

We love watching all the zany celebrity antics, but once it’s over it’s most likely time for school and other responsibilities that are usually associated with the fall season. At least there are pumpkin spice lattes to look forward to…and THIS chance to snag the official 2017 VMAs Celeb Gift Bag — you know, the same gift bag celebrities guest like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus received, no big deal.

You know you want this gift bag because even though it’s Wednesday, you still can’t help but still wonder why Selena and The Weeknd weren’t at the show (how could the hottest couple not be in attendance?), felt all the feels with the the hug-saw-around-the-world between bros-for-life Drake Bell and Josh Peck (finally!), and tried to support Katy Perry’s questionable hosting skills (luckily, she’s adorable and quirky). Well, if you’re still reveling in the show or trying to push back those end-of-summer blues, what’s included in this gift bag giveaway will surely add a smile to your face.

Yeees, you can enter to win this gift bag with your phone, too. No need to get up! It’s got everything you and the stars need or could ever ask for, including 1MORE Headphones, a personalized pair of Timberland shoes, Katy Perry’s INDI fragrance, a trip to the Caribbean, and so much more we can’t even stand it so we’re sitting down. Now’s not the time to do a zen Justin Bieber tree pose, rush on over HERE to submit those entries for your chance to snatch the swaggiest gift bag for yourself!

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