If you haven't already read Wonder, you are seriously missing out. The New York Times bestseller is truly touching (life-changing, even), and now it has a movie of the same title. We've had Friday, November 17, 2017 marked down in our calendars ever since we found out about the movie, and now the time is finally upon us.

What is Wonder about?

Wonder tells the story of a 10-year-old boy named Auggie Pullman who was born with facial deformities, which makes it hard for him to live a normal life. Auggie is exceptionally smart (especially in science), super funny and just an all-around awesome human being that anyone would be lucky to know. With his mother home-schooling him and his astronaut helmet shielding off strange looks from others, Auggie lives a very protected childhood.

But then, 5th grade rolls around – and his parents decide it is time for him to go to a mainstream school for the very first time. His mother and father help guide him through fitting in at Beecher Prep, but it isn't easy getting the other students to understand he's just an ordinary kid – despite what he looks like on the outside.

Is Wonder a true story?

Although it isn't a true story, the author was inspired to write the book after an encounter she experienced years ago with her own children. Author Michele Norris was out to get ice cream with her kids, when her 3-year-old started crying in fear after seeing a girl with a facial deformity. Thinking quickly, she scooped up her kids and exited the store quickly to avoid an uncomfortable moment. Afterwards, she felt terrible about how she had handled the situation.

"I was really angry at myself afterwards for the way I had responded," the author told NPR. "What I should have done is simply turned to the little girl and started up a conversation and shown my kids that there was nothing to be afraid of. But instead what I ended up doing was leaving the scene so quickly that I missed that opportunity to turn the situation into a great teaching moment for my kids. And that got me thinking a lot about what it must be like to … have to face a world every day that doesn't know how to face you back."

Now let's get to know the cast…

For fans of the book, let us first start off by saying that this film will absolutely exceed any expectations you had. The story is an inspiring one in and of itself, but what really brings the story to life is the knockout stars who were oh-so-perfectly cast.

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