Watch out world, she’s grown now! Yara Shahidi has become known as one of the most fashionable stars in Hollywood throughout her time the spotlight, and every red carpet appearance she does proves why.

The Minnesota native got her start with guest-starring appearances on various TV shows before nabbing her breakout role as Zoey Johnson on Black-ish when the show premiered in 2014. From there, she went on to star in a spinoff series, titled Grown-ish, where she took Zoey to college. Since then, Yara has not only become a huge star but has made a name for herself as an activist and role model among the younger generation. Even with all the major accolades under her belt, Yara never forgets to have fun with fashion.

“I love denim … denim pants, a shirt, denim jacket, I’m good. On the other hand, for red carpet I like it to be the reflection of myself. So sometimes if I get quiet, my clothes get louder because it reminds me to own the space that I’m in. You can’t be in red or bright orange, as I was a week ago, and not own your space because it’s kind of physically impossible — you literally take so much space with just the look itself,” Yara told Harper’s Bazaar in May 2017, referring to a Paris Fashion Week look. “I think the approach is, of course, comfort because you never want to look like the clothes are walking you down the carpet. I like to be in control of my body. Also, I love getting into character and exploring a different aspect of who I am. So, it ranges from accessories to hair and this is all a reflection of who we are in that exact moment in time. What’s fun is to know that it changes and it can be versatile and can look and change with me.”

Over the years, the actress’ personal style has changed a lot. When she first stepped into the spotlight, she dressed for her age wearing cute and colorful dresses. As she started to grow up, Yara took more major fashion risks.

“I cannot deny that access has been a major part of my style evolution. I know [it’s] something everyone goes through, once you have access to certain things you didn’t before, you will dress differently,” she explained during a May 2017 interview with Vogue. “On a personal level, I think dressing is such a form of expression and when you do events, it’s important to feel as though you are authentically yourself. Maintaining a sense of your personality grounds you in your space, I try and just make what I wear a reflection of how I feel at that moment, at that particular place in time.”

She’s definitely showed off her personal style at many events over the years! Scroll through our gallery to see Yara’s fashion evolution in photos. 

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