YouTube star and musician Conor Maynard took to Twitter on February 5 to recount a terrifying experience he had while traveling in Brazil, in which he was held at gunpoint.

“Basically, me and my manager were involved in an incident in Sao Paulo,” the singer said. “We were coming back from a restaurant. We just had dinner and we were heading back to the hotel when we pulled up at a red light … and suddenly a motorcyclist pulled up next to the driver’s window, which is the side I was also on, and so I’m banging on the window, and at first me and my manager were kind of confused.”

The musician, known for his impressive mashups, went on to explain that, at first, they thought the motorcyclist was angry that the driver cut him off, but soon it became clear that he was actually dangerous.

The 26-year-old said, “As I looked at the motorcyclist as he was banging on the window, he was banging on the window with a gun in his hand and he was pointing it at the driver and was trying to open the door.”

Unfortunately, the situation escalated very quickly and the motorcyclist was able to break the window. However, it seems like the person got scared and drove off, leaving Conor, his manager and the driver unharmed.

So, what exactly made the motorcyclist so angry? Well, the driver was under the impression he wanted the manager’s designer watch and followed them from the restaurant, which is definitely a possibility. Regardless of why it happened, though, we’re just happy everyone is safe.

In the final video he shared detailing the traumatic events of that day, Conor wanted his fans to know that he still plans to go back to Brazil despite the attempted robbery.

“I would never judge or base my opinion on a country based on one incident,” he said. “Regardless of the way it kind of ended, I had such an amazing time over there. The show was so much fun and obviously I would happily come back to do another show.”

We’re just glad everyone is doing OK, and we’re so sorry he had to go through that. Thanks for keeping us updated, Conor!

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