Alyssa Shouse is pregnant! The YouTube singer is expecting a baby with her boyfriend Charles Longoria, and announced the news to her followers some weeks ago on Instagram! The couple is expecting a baby girl and looks like they are super excited for her arrival.

"HEY EVERYONE! I've been super super anxious to tell you some very exciting news and it's finally the time! I'M PREGNANT!!!! Charles and I are expecting our first baby this spring. I'm excited and nervous but if I can be at least half the mom my mom is then I'll be just fine! ? We do know the gender but since my family has to wait until I come into town this weekend I'll have to make you wait too. We can't wait for this new journey together! ❤️," she wrote.

How far along is she?

"Officially hit the halfway mark ?? I can't wait to meet our baby girl!!? #pregnant #babybump #pregnancy #belly," she shared last week which means she is about 20 weeks into her pregnancy.

The 21-year-old did a gender reveal event with her family with some balloons and paint, and they found out she was pregnant and shared it all in a Vlog.

"If you don't follow me on Instagram, twitter, or snapchat this might be a surprise, BUT YES I'M PREGNANT! Charles and I found out the gender of our baby earlier this week and since i was visiting my family this weekend I thought it would be fun to make them play a reveal game! BOY OR GIRL?!," she wrote in the video's description on YouTube.

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