Although Ryland Adams may be trying to become TikTok famous in his latest YouTube video, the internet star actually has a few issues with the video sharing app. That’s right, the 28-year-old recently revealed that there are some trends on the app that have seriously offended him.

“I have a lot of issues with TikTok being problematic to begin with. There’s a lot of trends that really offend me in a large way,” he explained in a recent video. “And I don’t feel like I’m offended easily, but I’m very offended by a lot of these TikTok trends.”

The internet star also added a disclaimer about the offensive trends that read, “Not showing any examples here because I’m not calling out anyone specific (just in general).”

Throughout the rest of the 36-minute vlog, Shane Dawson‘s fiancé gave fans a look into his attempts to “fit in” among the TikTok stars. He explained to fans that the couple made a rule that they’re “not going to fake” the videos that they upload on the app before giving a hilarious behind-the-scenes, sneak peek at how he learns the dances that he’s going to ultimately perform. In one part of the vlog, Ryland even tried to get Shane to FaceTime former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler so she could give him some tips or dance lessons.

Finally, after he changed clothes and his makeup was complete, Ryland attempted the famous Doja Cat “Say So” dance. Unfortunately, he “did not succeed in the dance,” but told fans he was going to post it anyway.

“I don’t know if people think I’m joking or not with this new TikTok dance,” the social media star admitted.

Unfortunately, Ryland said that the TikTok he worked so hard on didn’t go viral this time, but we’re looking forward to seeing the next video that does!

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