YouTubers Cole Carrigan and Eden the Doll just had an absolutely terrifying moment. While getting food with their friends, someone pulled out a gun and shot the window of their Uber car.

The two recounted the horrifying story in a YouTube video uploaded on Tuesday, June 11. They explained that the scary incident went down while they were getting tacos with some friends after a Morphe private event.

“It’s literally our spot. It’s where we go every single time we want tacos, so we thought it was a safe place,” Cole explained of the Beverly Hills neighborhood.

The group of friends took an Uber there, and the driver waited for them as they got their food.

“I was getting some toppings and this guy approached me very aggressively. I just kind of walked away. We’re used to that so we just kind of thought it was a normal thing and we just rolled our eyes and got our toppings and kept it moving,” Cole explained. “Little did we see that this guy had friends with him that were all basically plotting something, but we didn’t know that. We were just minding our own business.”

Cole Carrigan

But after they got back into their car, the man still wouldn’t back down.

“One of the main guys, he comes up to my passenger seat window, and he’s like, ‘Ay yo, I wanna talk to you.’ And I told the Uber, I said, ‘Lock the door,’ because I knew immediately what his intentions were. I already knew that there was some sketchy stuff going on because he also had three or four people behind him, like as a posse,” the makeup artist recounted. “As soon as he locked the door, the guy started getting louder, saying, ‘Roll your window down. I want to talk to you.’ Saying, ‘F–got. Tranny.’ All this weird, scary s–t. I knew it was bad.”

But then, things got even worse.

“One of his other friends comes around the f–king car and pulls out a gun out of his back pocket, glocks it, and he f–king shoots the window. And the window completely shatters,” the social media star continued. “Silent. Speechless. We couldn’t even speak. I was so f–king shaken up.”

The 20-year-old then showed a video that he took on his phone right after the incident went down. In the scary clip, he could be heard saying, “We need to get out of here.” He also asked, “Should I call the police?” to which the driver said, “No. No police.”

Cole explained that the reason the driver didn’t want authorities involved was because he had a gun of his own.

Eden the Doll

“I was so f–king scared. I thought we were literally about to have a full gun battle. I was literally shaking. This guy was literally trying to kill us,” he added.

What provoked the men is still unclear, but Cole and Eden are convinced it had something to do with their sexuality.

“We were basically targeted for being who we are. In the long run, there is nothing we could have done to be smarter,” Eden said. “It’s just the reality of the world and the world is not a perfect place.”

“I try to kind of brush it off and pretend it didn’t happen. But when I would try to go to sleep, it was just replaying in my head over and over. I could not let something like this just be swept under the rug,” Cole concluded. “At first we weren’t going to talk about it, but after reflecting and sitting down and processing everything we felt like we needed to let you guys know. But also have everyone aware that this type of stuff happens every single day.”

We are so glad that they’re OK.

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