Kian Lawley has been a popular YouTuber for years. All he wants to do entertain people and make content that will help brighten someone's day. Now, he's balancing a serious acting career with YouTube fame and wants everyone to know that's he's doing his best. But who can complain? His latest project, Zac & Mia is taking his skills to impressive new heights and we're coming along with.

Zac & Mia is based on a book of the same name. Two teens with cancer end up in the same hospital, desperately trying to hold onto who they are while they go through the worst. Kian plays Zac, a smart kid with a bright future. But the future is put on hold when he's diagnosed with cancer. Mia, played by Anne Winters (who you can catch in Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why), is a social media maven who refuses to let her illness take control of her life. Together, they forge a friendship that lasts even when things get tough. And when you have cancer, that can happen at any second. Watch the heartwarming trailer for Zac & Mia below, then find out how this role impacted Kian Lawley forever.

Zac has his whole life planned out until his cancer diagnosis. For Kian, playing "a young kid in such extreme circumstances [who] comes across something – someone – that he wasn't expecting" was the perfect challenge for him. And even though it comes across fantastic on-screen, doesn't mean that it was easy to achieve.

"I wanted to be as real as possible when it came to what treatment he had to go through," Kian explained, "How he would be feeling 30 to 60 days after treatment, if he had any post treatment wires hanging out of him, etc. Also, the emotional state he was in from being isolated for a hundred days. [It's] really something you have to dive into mentally."

After a lot of hard work, Zac & Mia turned into a meaningful series that's "not just a love story and it's not 'just another cancer show,'" to Kian. "It also shows friendship, family relationships, individuality and more."

It's clear that the cast and crew were full of dedicated people who loved the story. Kian himself grew attached to one scene for a super special reason. His character, Zac, finds "support directly through his family," which is something Kian can relate to.

"There's a part in the series where I get emotional about my little sister, Bec (Alexis G. Zall) giving my room a makeover," he told J-14. "For some reason it got to me. I think it's because my sister and I, in real life, actually have a close relationship and this scene just made me think of her."

How sweet! Zac & Mia has the ability to relate to anyone, even if you aren't going through something as tragic as the main characters. In the end, Kian feels "it's a story about two young kids put into a situation they never asked for, but are so strong that they push through it no matter the obstacles that come their way."

You can watch the inspiring new series, Zac & Mia when it premieres on November 7, 2017 on Verizon's go90 for AwesomenessTV.

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