Bet On It: Zac Efron's Fave 'High School Musical' Memory Totally Makes Him Cry


Whether Zac Efron wants to admit it or not, High School Musical will forever be a part of him, his career and his legacy as an actor. And frankly, we think this is something that should always be celebrated. The Disney Channel Original Movie changed the game ushering in a new appreciation for the TV musical and really catapulted Zac into the superstar he is today.

So of course during his round of 73 Questions with Vogue, they just had to ask him about his HSM days and what his favorite moment from all of High School Musical is. While he couldn't exactly pinpoint one moment at first, he eventually came up with the cutest response letting us know he gets emotional watching the very end of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

"I don't know there's so many. I mean the finale when the curtains close tears me up. All of it," Zac said. OK, give us a minute here. Now we've just been flooded with a major case of the feels. But there are two memorable curtain drops at the end of the final film in the trilogy. The first happens when the core characters of Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Chad, Taylor and Ryan all finish performing their final song together and the curtain drops down in front of them as the glowing High School Musical sign comes down.

But the next curtain close is probably the one Zac is referring to. This comes after we get a close-up shot of each actor and a final bow. The curtain closes on them, signifying the end of the series forever.

And now we're crying too, so we see your point, Zac. It's such an emotional ending, really giving fans that final goodbye so imagine what it was like for Zac and the cast filming that. Seriously in a puddle of tears over here right now. We know Z is still all about that musical life, since he starred in the 2007 movie version of Hairspray and in the upcoming film The Greatest Showman where we get to see him showing off his voice yet again. So naturally he was also asked during this 73 Questions chat if his life was an actual musical, what would it be called and he said, "Zacalicious."

So there we have it: Zac was clearly always meant to be a movie musical star and even though he sometimes might forget the name of "Breaking Free," Troy Bolton is still in his heart.


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