Sorry, What?: Zac Efron Gets Into an Altercation With Police at the World Series

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Zac Efron is gearing up for his new movie release, The Greatest Showman, and while we're super excited about that, we're kind of worried about the police altercation he got himself into ahead of the final game of the World Series. The former High School Musical star was looking super subtle wearing a jacket, an LA Dodgers hat backward of course and sunglasses. To be honest, we wouldn't have even recognized him if he walked right by. But, apparently the paparazzi did and they got photos of him with police officers. It's all still quite unclear what the altercation was about.

The photos show Zac chatting on his phone, not in distress and looking ready to see his team take home a win. The Daily Mail is reporting that an officer had his hand on Zac's arm allegedly trying to hold him back from something as his entrance caused a bit of chaos. If fans look at the photos closely, they can see that there was a pretty massive crowd surrounding Zac as he made his way into the stadium.

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While this might look like a police altercation, it's possible they were just protecting the actor, trying to lead him safely inside. The Daily Mail also said Zac was actually playing up the encounter with the police officers making it seem like he was in trouble yet really wasn't. Now that, we can kind of believe. If we're being truthful here, Zac probably wants some headlines right now. The Greatest Showman has the potential to be a huge success and he's starring alongside Hugh Jackman as well as a Disney Channel peer, Zendaya in the upcoming musical.

(Photo Credit: Splash News)

We also have another theory about this whole police officer action. What happens when we are on our phones and not paying attention to anything else? We tend to run into people. We tend to run into things. It's possible that Zac actually just bumped into an officer because he had his head down trying to avoid the crowd as well as being preoccupied with his phone. Again, this is all speculation and until Zac addresses the incident himself, we can't know for sure. But, it's safe to say he's probably not in any sort of legal trouble at the moment.


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