Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift are apparently causing huge damages to a hotel room in London, England, but it is not because of a wild party. Instead, the pair is setting the mood for the music video for their hit duet "I Don't Wanna Live Forever."

It is being reported that they are destroying a hotel room that costs thousands of dollars a night to stay at, for a part of their video for the Fifty Shades Darker tune. It seems to be that they are both smashing things into the wall and even setting things on fire!

"Zayn trashed the hotel room to bits, ripping apart pillows and smashing a lamp up against the wall," a source told The Sun. YIKES! What kind of video is this?!

"All the scenes were carefully planned. It's going to be a very sexy video. Zayn was dressed dapper and Taylor was wearing garters and heels."

"Taylor had to light the curtains on fire for her part. The smoke alarms were turned off on the nearby floors so that the building didn't have to be evacuated."

Despite what the source is saying to them, the publication is also reporting that Taylor has not been seen on the set just yet alongside the singer, even though he was spotted outside wearing an all black suit.

The ballad is romantic and powerful and evokes a ton of emotion out of the listeners, so it makes it a perfect pairing for the Fifth Shades franchise, which is known for its romantic, and at times dark, plots.

Taylor is no stranger to hotel videos, and neither is Zayn's old group
One Direction. They released their video for "Perfect" (a song said to be about Taylor) and she released a similar video for "Out Of The Woods." They both took place in a hotel, so perhaps this is their way of making their own version of the video?

harry styles taylor swift "perfect" "style"

We cannot believe that they used fire to film this video inside a hotel and hope that no one was harmed during the making of it.

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