Zendaya might only be 21 years old, but she's accomplished so much. She's starred in two Disney Channel shows one of which she served as a producer on, she's already headed into movie star territory taking roles in two blockbuster movies, she has a fashion line, an app and a legion of loyal social media followers. Girl is slaying the game and whoever dates her is well, a very lucky person. While we're still reeling over the fact that she was in a four-year long relationship she managed to keep a total secret, she's now explained more about what she's learned from love and her past relationships, and even revealed she was cheated on.

On her app, Z along with her assistant and BFF Darnell dished out some love advice, based on questions fans submitted. The first question asked Z if she's ever been cheated on, to which she flat out replied "Yes!" and if she had any words of wisdom to share when it comes to romantic relationships and how to deal if your other half isn't trustworthy.

"I would say follow your gut if you feel it, it’s probably happening. If you feel like you can’t trust somebody or you feel whatever then you shouldn’t be in a relationship with them," Zendaya said. "I feel like I learned from my last relationship — again, that’s why I’m so anti being in a committed relationship when you’re young and people are learning and growing because when people are young they make bad decisions sometimes because they don’t know any better. They haven't lived enough life. Doesn’t mean they don’t know the difference between right and wrong, it just means that they’re still in the experimental phase in their life where they haven’t made the right decisions yet. That’s something I learned is it’s very hard to be in a relationship when the both of you are still figuring out life. You cannot change anybody. You cannot make someone grow up faster than they’re supposed to."

Wow, those are some powerful words right there and it's clear Z has gained so much insight from her former relationship. And while it's terrible she went through such a rough heartbreak and dealt with being cheated on, she's serving as proof that even someone as fabulous as Zendaya deals with the same relationship problems as the rest of us. No one is immune to heartbreak. She did go on to serve up more love advice, saying she isn't as shy anymore when it comes to being vocal about her feelings and she 100% knows what it's like to be in love.

"I've been too shy before I just recently got the courage to be like, 'I like you, are we doing this?' But before with my first relationship, I was very like, [shy]. When you're in love, it's pretty strong.I would say when you love someone it's like a filter," Zendaya said. "It's like one of those Instagram filters where you can't see any flaw, honey! Just flawless, everything looks perfect, everything about them is perfect, everything they do that is annoying and stupid is adorable and cute. It's a real thing. I think love makes you kind of blind to those things but once you get past those things [and that phase], if you really love them, [none of] it bothers you."

A woman who knows what she's talking about here. If there's anyone we trust to give us hope about our love lives, it's the one and only Queen Z. She has lived and learned and is sharing her truth. Like the boss she is.


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