Zendaya gave her fans an exciting surprise on Twitter last night — she listed all of the songs on her album and talked about what to expect from every single one. Zendaya's album doesn't come out until September 17th, but this list makes us want to go pick it up immediately!

Here's what she said about each song:

Track #1 = "Replay"! A cool fact about Replay: it was promised 2 someone else & it took me a few months to convince them to let me record it!

Track #2 = "Fireflies"! a cool fact about Fireflies: when I heard this song, I loved it so much that I went in the very next day to record it!

Track #3 = "Butterflies"! a cool fact about Butterflies: it was written/produced by Monsterz & Stangerz! they have 2 other songs on the album!

Track #4 = "Putcha Body Down"! a cool fact about Putcha Body Down: the beat on this song is dope…u guys will want to get up and dance!!

Track #5 = "Heaven Lost An Angel"! a cool fact about Heaven Lost An Angel: it was written for a guy to sing…so we rewrote it to fit me!!

Track #6 = "Cry For Love"! a cool fact about Cry For Love: it makes grown people cry!! especially my stylist @LUXURYLAW !!

Track #7 = "Only When Ur Close"! a cool fact about Only When Ur Close: I helped write this!! one of my favs 2 perform…the choreo is so dope!

Track #8 = "Bottle You Up"! a cool fact about Bottle You Up: a beautiful song that kinda has special meaning in my life ???? (can’t say anymore) 😉

Track #9 = "Scared"! a cool fact about Scared: it kinda gives me a Kanye West vibe…it was written by the same team who wrote Replay!!

Track #10 = "Love U Forever"! a cool fact about Love U Forever: produced by Nick Jonas! @paulephamous and @TiffanyFred’s third song on the album

Track #11 = "My Baby"! a cool fact about Baby: written by 2 guys I call my big bro’s and they wrote Swag It Out!! @BobbyBrackins & @NicNacBeats’

Which tracks are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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