Zoey 101 was a popular Nickelodeon show that followed the life of a girl (played by Jamie Lynn Spears) attending the fictitious high school, Pacific Coast Academy.

In an episode which aired exactly 10 years ago, yesterday, Zoey puts a message into the high school time capsule. The message is for her friend Chase, played by Sean Flynn. In the episode, Zoey tells Chase that he can see the message in ten years.

Now, ten years later, the show's creator, Dan Schneider, released a brand new mini-episode. In it, you'll see Chase and Michael (Christopher Massey) finally finding out what Zoey's message to Chase was!

The whole thing is pretty epic! You have to watch:

In her message, Zoey says many nice things about Chase, even calling him her potential soulmate! The clip ends with a black screen that says, "To be continued"!

What do you think the "to be continued" means for the fans and show? Will there be spin-off of the show? Let us know in the comments

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