It's Goin' Down: Kylee Russell Really Just Wants 'Descendants' Fans To Give 'Zombies' a Chance

Disney Channel

Descendants fans are as strong and passionate as they come – with very good reason, of course. The Disney Channel Original Movie and its sequel have become truly iconic, especially given the fact that they were directed by the legend that is Kenny Ortega (whose résumé includes the High School Musical movies, Cheetah Girls 2... the list goes on). With a director of that status and a knockout cast, it is no wonder Descendants and Descendants 2 go down in history.

Now, there's a new Disney Channel Original Movie in town – Zombies. And based on the looks of the tailer, the ~brains~ behind Descendants and Descendants 2 are responsible for it. But wait – no Kenny Ortega. Hmm, this has people scratching their heads, and it is safe to say some fans are not pleased with the fact that they're linking Zombies to their beloved franchise – especially if this means no Descendants 3. Zombies star Kylee Russell hopes fans will keep an open mind though.

"The same people who brought you Descendants 1 & 2 are bringing you Zombies. So if you loved Descendants you might end up loving Zombies as well. It’s okay to be skeptical. But how about making your judgement after you see it?🙂💕," she wrote on Instagram, in response to a comment.

It looks like Descendants leading lady Dove Cameron threw a little jab at the new DCOM on Twitter. She liked a tweet that a fan account posted, which suggested that Zombies was ripping off Descendants.

THE SHADE IS REAL. Okay but honestly – we hope the cast of Zombies gets a fair shot because by the looks of the trailer, it looks like the songs are total jams. Disney Channel is family, after all!

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