Incase you haven't already heard, American Idol is back!

We were all pretty bummed to hear that the show got canceled after its solid 15-year run, but now that it's returning, we are legit losing our minds!

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Because of the show, we’ve been introduced to tons of awesome celebrities, but it might shock you to know that some of today's most popular stars were rejected after their first audition. While some were lucky enough to make it through to the Hollywood round, others, like Glee's Amber Riley, never even made it past the producers.

"This was my first time out of my comfort zone auditioning. When I did that and they told me no, my world crumbled. I was thinking these people are in the industry and they are telling me no. I'm not good enough to do this. I definitely thought that for a minute,” she revealed in an interview.

It breaks our hearts that she had to face that rejection — especially since she’s so talented! But on the bright side, everything worked out, because she went on to land a major role in one of the most popular TV shows on FOX!

"I am really glad [American Idol] told me no, because maybe if they hadn't, I never would have strived for my full potential or reached my full potential,” she also said.

Well, she has a good point there! And after all, what would Glee be without the sassy, vocal powerhouse that is Mercedes?!

Other favorites who auditioned for the show include Amber's former co-star Naya Rivera and X Factor runners-up, Alex & Sierra. Considering the fact that these guys are now wildly successful, we're willing to bet that the producers who turned them down totally regret their decisions now!

Check out our video to see which other stars got rejected after they tried out for American Idol.

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