YouTube star Andrea Russett took to Instagram on Thursday, June 4, amid Pride Month, to share a powerful message with fans about her bisexuality.

“With everything going on in the world right now, I haven’t had a moment to think about Pride Month. First off, happy first Pride to anyone who is newly out! Last year was my very first openly out Pride and it was magical. Literally magical. I spent 22 years of my life not telling a single person the emotions and feelings I had within myself that I couldn’t understand,” the 24-year-old captioned a stunning photo of herself. “The first memory I have of questioning my sexuality was in 3rd grade. I remember having the thought, ‘well, I still like boys a lot, so that means I can’t possibly be gay. Whew. I just have to ignore the things I feel about girls. I’m not gay. I cant be gay.’ I was so f**king afraid. And confused.”

She continued, “Even now, as an almost 25-year-old, I still catch myself having thoughts like ‘maybe I should just date men, because it won’t cause any disruption.’ I still sometimes feel like being bisexual isn’t taken seriously. I still sometimes feel like my sexuality is fetishized or looked at as a phase. But I am so proud to say that I AM BISEXUAL. Thank you for accepting me, and understanding me.”

For those who missed it, Andrea first came out to fans back in September 2018, in a meaningful post about how her former best friend didn’t accept her sexuality.

Sandra [Poenar] and I had a very close, very public friendship. Because of that, I feel it’s best I just address this so we can all move on. I came out to Sandra as bisexual four years ago. (Surprise! Yeah. Not exactly how I planned to come out publicly, but s**t happens I guess). Anyway, she was the very first person I came out to. Following this, as I came out to more and more friends, she was always there to give me advice on girls I liked. She sat with me while I cried about the thought of coming out to my parents. She knew me better than anyone in my life. She was family to me,” Andrea wrote on Instagram at the time.

She then continued, “She went on to tell me that she believes being gay [is] a choice. I asked her is these have always been her views and she said yes. I will never find the words to properly describe [the] hurt I felt in that moment. She was one of the only people I trusted in my life. And now all I can do is rethink every conversation we had, every situation in which I was with a girl around her, and wonder what she really thought of me. Wonder if she was judging me. It is a very deep and personal hurt that I do not plan on acknowledging or discussing after this post.”

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