Jacob Whitesides and Andrea Russett are such great friends that the YouTube celeb even starred in his "Lovesick" music video. (Her character pulled a fast one over on him, though.) Even though we know they're close pals, they can't help but give each other a hard time on social media — and it's hilarious.

Their latest exchange happened when a fan asked if Jacob had downloaded Andrea's app. She said that he was "fake af" if he hadn't.

Then, he got sassy by pointing out that she didn't go to his show. (She says she was there in spirit, obviously.)

To her credit, Andrea says that she's sad that she didn't get to attend, especially after watching all of the fan photos and videos.

She will definitely have to make his next show, then!

Do you think Jacob and Andrea have the best, most hilarious friendship ever? Sound off in the comments!

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