No one thought Bea Miller and Jacob Whitesides would break up, until they did.

These two were together for awhile and then suddenly they were a thing of the past. Of course, they are friends now, but it took a while to get there after their split in May. Really, no one saw it coming especially the fans. Bea was actually on tour with Selena Gomez when word got around that Jacob and her had called it quits.

The news hit shippers hard but no one really knew what Bea was going through. As for all celebrity relationships that go south, rumors are circulated about what really went down. Usually, a lot of it isn't true. Finally, Bea is opening up about their split and confesses to some crazy things about how she was feeling right after they went in different directions.

"I think the hardest part about [going through a public breakup] was that sometimes when I was doing meet & greets directly after that happened, [and] you know, people didn’t know or they weren’t that affected by it. A lot of my fans were really supportive about it and they were there for me," she said.

"But, sometimes it was just really hard to put on that face every day and walk out there. If you’re not super, super nice to people even when you’re having your own really bad day then they get offended by it. So I think that was the hardest part for me… trying to spread positive energy when I was feeling a lot of negative energy. A lot of people understood, but people who didn’t understand at the time made my life a little difficult."

Wow! This is so brave of her to talk about because it is a vulnerable subject and fans have to remember she is still just 17 years old. Stories that go viral about your love life or your personal relationships are definitely something that is hard for any teenager to deal with, let alone a celebrity.

We total feel for Bea, but this whole thing just goes to show how much of a star she really is. The fact that she can turn this sort of 'happy switch' on and off when she's in the presence of fans shows how mature she is. Of course, she doesn't want to upset the people that have made her who she is, but it's hard to always be the person that fans want her to be.

You go, girl!

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