No bad blood? Many celebrities have dated their friend’s ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends with little to no drama!

Shawn Mendes, for example, walked the 2017 Met Gala red carpet with Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin), sparking romance rumors at the time. However, she was quick to move on and tie the knot with Justin Bieber later that same year. Fans know that the two singers are actually friends, so was it ever weird for them?

“Justin and I were never enemies. We were maybe not friends,” the “In My Blood” singer told GQ in December 2020. “But we were never enemies, absolutely, and that’s kind of something that people maybe might’ve turned it into at some point.”

Shawn recalled a past video from 2015 of Justin asking, “Who’s Shawn Mendes?” revealing that the “Baby” singer “genuinely didn’t know who I was and I believed him.” The Canadian singer added, “But I mean, honestly, I really love him. He’s been so sweet and super gracious, and giving with his advice and with his energy, so he’s a good friend.”

Years later, Shawn revealed to Vanity Fair in September 2021 that he and Justin have never spoken about the infamous Met Gala appearance with Hailey. That being said, Shawn has spoken publicly about his past relationship with the model.

“I don’t even wanna put a title on it. I think it was more of a zone of limbo,” the “Lost in Japan” crooner told Rolling Stone in November 2018, speaking about her relationship with Justin.

“I texted Hailey, ‘Congratulations,’ and I really am happy for them. She’s still one of the f–king coolest people ever — she’s not just a beautiful person visually, but she’s one of the most beautiful hearts I’ve ever met,” Shawn added at the time. “I think I’m an idiot to not, you know … But you can’t control your heart.”

Despite everyone seemingly having moved on from the past relationship, fans still harp on this Shawn, Justin and Hailey situation! But that’s not the only pair of famous friends who have been caught with the same significant other.

Scroll through our gallery to see which celebrities have dated their friend’s exes.

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