Heartbreak High is bringing the drama outside of the screen! Josh Heuston, a.k.a TikTok’s latest heartthrob, has fans in a frenzy wondering if the actor is single.

Keep reading to learn all about Josh’s love life and who he’s been linked to. 

Is Josh Heuston Single?

While Josh tends to keep his romances behind-the-scenes, it seems the upcoming actor is currently on the market.

Who Has Josh Heuston Dated in the Past?

Since the actor doesn’t share too much about his personal life, not much is known about his previous relationships. However, he was last romantically linked with Australian DJ Carla Martinez in January 2023.

Aside from Carla, fans theorized that Josh was dating Kendall Jenner. In October 2022, the actor had posted a TikTok video showing off his business class seat on an airplane. Under the comment section, the model wrote “SLAYY” — except, the verified user wasn’t actually Kendall!

Even though the account has 500k followers, it’s not her official page as hers has over 4 million fans. So, it doesn’t look like the two are romantically linked, after all.

What Shows and Films Has Josh Heuston Been in?

Dating life aside, Josh has been booked and busy since starring in Heartbreak High — and is also set to star in a Dune spinoff series for HBO Max, which will premiere some time in 2024.

ICYMI, Josh got his big break after starring in the Netflix series Dive Club in 2021. But before he made his acting debut, the Australian actor was a model.

“I think that the modeling experience gave me way more confidence in front of the camera,” he told Bang Showbiz in 2023. “I understand a lens and how they frame things and I think that helped me a lot.”

After being scouted at the age of 18, Josh went out to model for fashion brands like Burberry, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, among many others.

However, his real passion is acting. “I started really wanting to act when I shot a music video, and a little bit of acting was involved – I was hooked,” he told the same outlet.

Aside from Dive Club, Josh has been featured in More Than This, Thor: Love and Thunder, Bali 2002, Finally Me and, of course, Heartbreak High. 

Since the actor’s time on the Netflix show, he’s admittedly found it somewhat challenging playing Dusty, one of the most popular guys in school

“Instead of just being the jock or the bad boy, how can I make him a little bit different? A lot of the popular guys in films I grew up watching, they were these hyper-masculine, angry characters,” he told GQ in December 202. “So, to have a cool guy at school who doesn’t have it all together … I feel like he’s more interesting, and you can connect with him more.”

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